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Gopten 24 hr

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I just received this nice Gopten watch which I bought on Ebay just before Christmas. I may take a better picture later, this is the Ebay pic.

It is a quartz watch, and an unusual feature is that the hour hand is the long one with the crescent shape on the end, and the shorter open hand is the minute hand!

I like the look and the 0 on the hour dial, but unfortunately there is 60 on the minute dial. The minute numbers are lumed and and show well, but I don't know how easy it will be to see the hands in the dark though.

An interesting watch, and a bargain at $40 lightly used.



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Hi Phil. Congrats for the find.
Seems to me it looks a lot like this watch on André's 24 hour watch site:[email protected]/24gal!bodyheat.htm
Perhaps it's by the same makers but branded differently?
Well spotted - it is nearly identical. Mine does not say 'quartz' on the dial, but other than that it just has 'Gopten' replacing 'Body Heat Sports'.

The only 'Gopten' I have found via Google is a drug used for treating high blood pressure etc. That name seems to be only used in Europe.

So perhaps this is a promotional watch, sold with company logos as required?

The centre of the back says 'Gopten Serie Limitata' - which is 'limited series' in Italian. I bought the watch from Italy, so perhaps this was a local promotional edition.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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