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The partnership between master blade smith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjogren was forged to provide truly unique watches, inspired by the beauty of northern Scandinavia and the ancient Swedish tradition of metallurgy.

GoS proudly presents Aurora, a strictly limited edition watch inspired by the Northern Lights of Lapland. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, named after a Roman goddess, is a natural phenomenon where colorful lights swirl around the sky in a dramatic dance, leaving different patterns and shapes. Sometimes the shapes appear as fold upon fold of luminous draperies that majestically move across the sky. Other times they are like gigantic flaming swords furiously slashing at the heavens.

Aurora’s Damascus steel dial has been tempered to a blue-green color and the flowing colored lines are framed by bright streaks. The white gold dial details and hands match the highlights on the dial. 

Aurora 1/5

The movement is based on a chronometre grade Unitas 6498 that has been modified with 3/4 bridges made from one solid piece of handforged damascus steel. The steel pattern is similar to the woodgrain pattern that is used for the GoS caliber. Both Johan and Patrik appreciate contrasts in designs and patterns, which is why Patrik chose to give the bridges a combination of traditional movement finishing on some surfaces and a more raw damascus steel on others. 

Aurora 1/5 - Damascus steel movement

Traditional high end movement finishing is time consuming. A similar amount of work is required to achieve the raw damascus steel surface. The bridges are mirror polished before the pattern is made visible by dipping the part in hot acid. The acid eats away from the surface of some steel types that has been forged into the patterned steel while others are not affected. This means that all surfaces where tolerances must be kept also have to be protected from the acid. The finishing continues after the etching procedure to give back some brightness to the pattern and increase the contrasts in the pattern itself. The polished bevels and holes are then finalized after the damascus steel surface is done. 

Aurora 1/5 - On GoS presentation box

The Aurora case features the same finishing improvements on the damascus steel case that GoS developed for the Midnight Sun model. It has the familiar curved surface of the damascus steel case core, which pattern is mirrored in the high gloss, polished large case back and bezel. The curved lugs and a low height makes the watch comfortable to wear even though it is 45mm in diameter.

The damascus steel cases are individually finished in a process Patrik initially developed for Nordic Seasons and Winter Nights. It involves two etching procedures in hot acid and refinishing in between. It is only the visible parts of the case that are exposed to the acid to ensure that the case will have the same water protection as before the treatment.

The hands of the Aurora are made in solid white gold and have the GoS sword shape that once premiered in the Stockholm model. All hands and index rings are hand finished with polished bevels and satinized top. These handmade GoS Nubuck straps are fitted with screwed lugs and are paired with a stainless steel GoS buckle.

Northern Lights during the winter of 2013
Scientists predict a solar peak that will boost the chances of witnessing the Northern Lights during the the winter of 2013. Although seeing Northern Lights can't be guaranteed, this winter will provide the best conditions for seeing the Northern Lights in the next decade. With the second peak now coming at the end of this year, strong sightings will continue during this winter and into the winter of 2014.

GoS recommends the Swedish settlements of Abisko and Björkliden, 190 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, as good spots for lights-viewings as both are located within a rain/snow shadow and away from any detracting artificial lights.

Specifications - GoS Aurora
Watch series - Aurora
● Case: Stainless steel and stainless damascus steel 44/45mmx10mm (10ATM)
● Lug width: 22mm
● Glass: Flat sapphire glass with AR coating
● Movement: Swiss manual ETA 6498
● Movement refinement: Refinished and improved to chronometre grade by the swiss company Soprod.
● Movement customization: Bridges made from one piece of solid damascus steel.
● Dial: Damascus steel tempered to a blue/green color
● Index ring/rehaut: Solid white gold, shaped and polished by hand
● Hands: Solid white gold shaped and polished by hand
● Crown: 9mm in finegrained stainless damascus stainless steel, double gasket crown inset
● Case finishing: Stainless damascus steel, high gloss polished with GoS logo engraved on case side.
● Strap: Handcrafted soft nubuck leather, fitted with GoS stainless steel buckle
● Limitation: 5 pieces 

Presentation Box 

● Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood

● Colored with natural pigments mixed in linseed oil

● Covered with high grade natural wax and polished to a deep finish
● Two year guarantee 

Aurora No1 of 5 is available for purchase while the remaining pieces will be produced during the first half of 2014.

Main Aurora photo by photographer Björn Dahlgren - More information at

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I love their winter model, but being so highly limited, what's the point, I'll never be able to afford one, seems like a tease.

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I'm in awe of the fluent marketesian spoken!

"Other times they are like gigantic flaming swords furiously slashing at the heavens."

There can be only one!

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