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During Baselworld, GoS Watches introduced the idea of a new watch & knife set with a smaller folder knife that would be in better proportion with the watch than in the set they made a couple of years ago. Since then, Johan (master blade smith) has developed a GoS gentleman's folder knife with the same design elements as his normal knives but in roughly half their size. This new set was just shown for the first time at the "Feast for your Eyes event in Hong Kong:


The watch that comes in the set is the Bifrost Isblå

Specifications - GoS gentleman's folder knife:

● Handle length 70mm, full extended length 125mm.
● Blade: Damascus steel made from Swedish carbon based tool steels
● Liner: Grade-5 Titanium with filework on edges
● Handle: Damascus steel, same as blade
● Pin: Stainless damascus steel

Presentation Box:

● Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood
● Colored with natural pigments mixed in linseed oil
● Covered with high grade natural wax and polished to a deep finish
● Separate display for watch & knife

More information at

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