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I sent off an email the other day to, of all places, Casio Japan's investment relations. It was the only email address I could find on the site and I thought they might be able to forward my ideas to some folks in R&D. Well, I got a response back yesterday and here's some of the interesting part...

"Thank you very much for your interest and your valuable
feedback on our watch products.

Such feedbacks are controlled by our Intellectual Property & Legal Dept, who
read feedbacks and forward to concerned department. They only accept the written
feedback, so we would appreciate if kindly send a letter about your suggestion
or ideas to our contact point as follows.

Intellectual Property & Legal Dept.
6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome
Tokyo 151-8543, JAPAN "

I plan to resubmit my ideas for future G-shocks and think it's a great way for them to see that other parts of the world outside of Japan love the G-shock line. :-! Now get that pen moving and send 'em your ideas. :)


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Hi Kevin,

I had sent a similar mail to Casio Europe once. It was a suggestion to combine the Raysman with the Antman. They appreciated my thought and sent it right to the R & D team in Japan. I don't think "The G" is totally my idea, bt indeed the GW-300 was released around later in Japan and the US. Unfrtunately not a European model or a worldwide model. Finally Casio has made with the new Waveceptor Mudman the first G-Shock with Waveceptor functions that work in Japan, the US and large parts of Europe.


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