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Alighty, looking for some help here from the vitange guru's!

I'm a 32 year old financial advisor and much to my dislike I wear a suit to the office five days a week. I'm surounded mostly by Panerai's, Rolex's, Tag's and the rare Omega. My current (modest) collection includes the following with pics. My father has a Speedmaster Pro that his father bought for him (I think for around $800?) back in the late 60's or early 70's that he's eventually going to pass down to me. So we already have a Speedy Pro in the family and don't want to buy one.

Omega PO 42mm 2500D (Obviously my main watch that I wear probaby 4 days a week):


Accutron Tank (wear to office once and a while):


Tense Wood Watch (gift from wife in Maui):


44mm Debaufre Nav B-Uhr (weekend warrior):

Accutron Chrono (beater that gets little wrist time at the moment):

And a couple of weekend beater G-Shocks.

As you can see, I don't really have, other than maybe the Accutron, a formal "dress" watch.

I was originally looking for something on a brown strap, white dial and blue hands. I've gone around and around and around and around.....

Originally, my eye really caught the Longines Master Collection:




Then I saw the Nomos (or lesser Stowa) like these:




or (although I do like to have the date):


Where I live, I've never seen and probably will never see any of these brands which is what I really like about them!

However, then I thought about going Vinage which is what brings me here!

Based on the above, are there any vintage Omega's or Longines, or...??? that would fit well with what I'm looking for?

Stay classey everyone!



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maybe not limiting yourself to a vintage Longines or Omega? I'd have a look at watches with a tried-and-true movement like a Valjoux 72 (Gallet, Wakman), a calendar version is Valjoux 72c, maybe a Valjoux 7750 (but it will be a thicker watch), or one based on the Valjoux 7736 (3-subdial chrono) or Valjoux 773x (2-subdial chrono). The V7734 has 2-subdials and a date.

Lots of options for you out there!

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One of the absolute winner chronos in the vintage world, inhouse movement, Angelus Chronodato:

Also available in stainless steel. A great premium apart from all other watches can do, this watch can even mark your international calls' duration, so you don't pay 6 min price for a 4 min call :-!

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Vintage gives you a huge selection.
I posted a few pictures of modern - vintage - high end - and closer to normal end.
The selection is vast and it's hard to pinpoint your exact taste on account of few watches you have.
Plus, it's not clear what's your budget.
I think you should stick with PO and try to get at least one more watch in that "category"
(pictures I posted are not mine, I borrowed most of it from the forum)

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