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This watch is basically the end-all-be-all of Casio G-Shock technology since 1983. It has a sapphire crystal, the low temp lcd, which was a short-lived innovation, the mud-resistant buttons from the Mudman, and 1998 Raysman, plus the solar technology, the carbon fiber band, a low power drain backlight, being LED instead of electroluminescent, making auto-illuminate viable, and GPS thrown in.

So far, I've used it on day-hikes and weekend cycle touring excursions, and it does exactly what I want it to. Basically, mark the trailhead, and go do what you're doing, go off-trail if you want. See something nice? Mark it. You can go back to it, later, when you transfer the activity log to the app. It's not a Garmin, you can't download maps, but who cares? I know most of you thinking about this purchase have seen the video, the guy lost in the desert, getting back with this. Forget it. Not gonna happen. No basemaps means no 'navigation' to unknown points.

However, if you are using this to mark the trailhead, get back to your bike or car, while having veered off the beaten path, this is the thing. My job keeps me outside during the week, and the solar tops off the battery, no need for the induction charger. This won't save your life, by any means, but if you want a GPS activity watch that will just get you back to where you started, giving you the freedom to explore, this watch does the trick. I usually use it around my area in Montana; we have a lot of trails for hiking, etc, and I just mark where I locked up my bike, and then go wherever I want. I mark areas that are really spectacular, and then use the app when I get home to make note of them for later, maybe to integrate them into a route for a nice picnic with the wife.

This is NOT a Garmin GPS watch, though, bear that in mind. It's a G-Shock. At work, my job sees cement dumped on it, rain, and smacks galore loading lumber. This is not a vanity purchase, for me. I use all my watches, like I did the Raysman. This thing is rock solid, and simple. If I don't update it with the ipad, it updates via GPS for time synch.

Best feature of this watch - you won't have to plug it into a charger very often.
Worst features of this watch: No hourly chime option, and the alarm is pathetically quiet - you can set all 4 alarms to 'snooze,' however, which makes it go off repeatedly, every five minutes.

For all the whining in the threads that I've lurked while waiting for this thing, most of you nay-sayers are full of it. This has every best feature that Casio ever invented, and the only drawback is size. It's massive, though not overly so when compared to a frog or a gulfmaster.
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