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Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie to the fascinating world of vintage watches, the research so far has been a very "once you start you can't stop" kind of deal...
Anyway, I live in New Zealand and I just wanted to start by snapping up a couple of affordable vintages first.
I found three I like the look of on trademe (our version of ebay auction site), please share your expertise with me, any info would be great. And if you had to choose, which would you say would be worth buying the most?

Volta Swiss 17 Jewel Waterproof Incabloc Stainless Steel Watch Made by Vulcain.
The seller says the watch is in good working order but it may need a clean and a service. I like the understated look of the watch a lot but can find next to no information on the Volta brand itself.
If anyone could give me any information on the brand or on the watch itself it would be great, especially what era is it from? And when it comes to authenticity, how would I go about this one?

volta_face.jpg volta_back.jpg

Kienzle Mens Black Face Watch
This one unfortunately is not in working order...
I've managed to find a bit about Kienzle the brand on this forum and around the web, I think I've found pictures of watch close in model to this one but not exact... Can anyone help please with what it actually is? And once again, does it seem legit?

kienzle_face.jpg kienzle_back.jpg

And last but not least:

3. Roamer Popular
17 Jewels, Isoflex, with the numbers
331423 on the back. Good working order.
Roamer is by far the brand with the most info out of the three online. Seems like everyone enjoys them, good quality, affordable and reliable interesting technology.
I've seen many Roamers that look very very similar to this one, but once again not exact, it's mostly the details on the dial, and isoflex... What is isoflex exactly, a waterproofing system?
The seller thinks the watch is from the 1960s but seem unsure, what do you guys think? And does it seem wholly authentic?


Thanking you all!
There's so much to read and learn on this forum it's just mind-boggling, and sooooo many good looking watches!

Cheers! :D

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Congratulations! Can't say much about Volta but Vulcain & Studio were the brand that invented the modern wrist alarm (the "Cricket"). Kienzle were a maker of mass produced pin pallet watches after WWII so it is not surprising that the watch doesn't really work. Roamer was of course the watch brand of the movement maker Meyer & Stüdeli (MST) and was adopted as the company name in the fifties.

Hartmut Richter

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I've seen this on Trademe as well :-!

The Roamer is mid 1950s.

Isoflex is the shock resistance system, Roamer also used Shock-Resist, Super Shock-Resist, Vibroflex and Isoflex along with Incabloc.

Normally I would say that this watch would have and MST372, but this was not fitted with Isoflex as far as I know. So, I am not certain.

Kienzle - I wouldn't bother.

Volta - I don't know.

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Thank you Hartmut and trim for your replies!

Watched a video of a Vulcain Cricket Alarm, that's an old school non-digital sound alright!
And I now understand the difference between pin pallet and lever, and will be staying away from Kienzles (especially non-working ones :)

I've also asked the trademe seller of the Roamer to put up a photo of the movement of the watch, hopefully it may be easier to place then...
And trim, I hope you don't mind me asking, but which part of NZ are you from? I live in the windy city.

Thanks again!
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