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Just did a trade with @the gig; . he is a great and generous person, easy to talk to and has a really cool collection. he is a man of his word, and gracious.
the reason im a dumbass? well, i pride myself in my feedback and reputation for being transparent, and open, however this time i messed up.
my description of my watch wasnt entirely accurate, I failed to notice a nice scratch on the top of one of the lugs, so I was rightfully called out on it.
its my fault for not using brand new pics of the watch in my post (they were months old from my Imgur account), and i cant explain how i missed this when i packed it up, other than i wasnt on my usual "A" game, and didnt pay enough attention.
This is out of character for me, and will not happen again. ive dealt with many of you over the years, and you know me. I'll do better.
thanks for being such a cool guy about this @the gig;
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