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I am from Russia.
Immediately forgive me for bad English. I take Transliterator.
I want to put their impressions about the clock.
Good day, dear.

I want to share a brief report on Casio PRG40.
So ....
But first, not a big digression.
At the forum, I is not new, and something to read and know. That most of these knowledge then, and was so long way to happiness.
So, like, select the hours for hunting and recreation. But as a choice, not something that would be great, but it is huge, the matter as you yourself know it is not simple.
And this whole process (of choice) as a very sluggish tech. And maybe so go on and on, but the speedy determination of the choice contributed to a strong argument.
And he was next. Now I will explain.
I love, and often a lot of winter riding a snowmobile. So.
Either I'm getting old, then it really became colder winters, but the ride to the clock with a metal bracelet, as it really was not very comfortable.
So patience is exhausted.
Sit at the computer, and begin to choose .....
Log are foreign forums.

And it should be noted, there are sensible people.
With their help, the choice was made. Iiiii ....
This, as you've probably already noticed, CLOCK Legend!!

Casio PRG40. And it said a lot.

Now, in fact, regard themselves hours.
Were taken for the real hard use. About this may also indicate that by 4 (four) hours per day operation, namely, after about a hundred miles on a snowmobile, it was broken off ear sensor (what is left).
Further the same operation, and this is probably 2 or 3 month shows that everything is done conscientiously.


Pressure sensor.
Very accurately predict the weather, the pressure sensor. Nor if I had the device, it would be very functional. But it will be very much in demand, where there is no GSM network. Namely, under these requirements and have taken hours, ie remote areas of real taiga.

Sensor compass.
Earlier, reading the reviews on this watch everywhere ran across a poor job compass. Namely that is lying. So. Compass shows very accurately, at least for the Taiga, his testimony for the eyes. I do not know what guided those who wrote those reviews, but as for me, so they probably do not face conditions when VOOOBSCHE not clear where the north and south, where, and this fact as it is vitally important.
In general, the compass Hood!

On altimeter.
Here yeah! Tolley I do not understand, whether that is really too clever by half, but IMHO it nikakoy.Blago it to me unnecessarily.
But still prone to what I have not figured out how to properly use (or rather just what it is I do not need).

What we have in the passive. (-)
The first time, but sometimes even now, there are not very pleasant tactile sensations from Plastic bracelet. Well, it is difficult to get used to it after a decade of wear of titanium and steel. Difficult.
But the same item and an asset for a reason: The wrist in the cold did not freeze and it is not cold. And it is this reason was the final straw tolknuvshey to immediate purchase.
The American system YY MM DD, requires getting used to. But it happens quickly.
In the passive is perhaps everything.

The assets (+).
Fairly accurate clock. In a month I think that 5-6 seconds, max.. While not exactly pacing.
Like beeping every chas.Pomogaet keep track of time.
Mighty execution and materials. Plastic SAD!
Compass! Just do not fungible thing, under my requirements.
Very high quality sensor barometer. I have a program on your device is the weather, it parses network of local airport, and he in turn every half hour is required to provide exact information on weather conditions (including Air pressure on the worldwide service aeropogodnyh conditions). So data coincide very accurately!
Weather forecast can be very accurately. It is undeniable yet again, for such hours +.
Very interestingly arranged lighting. Just beautiful. This is a must see!
Very clear figures. Visibility 5. I do not know why the photo can not read the display in life is not so.
Wide comfortable strap. Better and wish there is no need.
Alarm clock.
In order to wake up or designate a specific event, in principle, be sufficient. Of course if you do not pilot a jet aircraft.

What's in neutral.
For me it's a stopwatch and the altimeter. As it so they gave me unnecessarily. But his hand is not burdened, and thanks for that. Although it would be better burdened, accustomed to heavy weighty hours.
But now not many photos as mine and those that helped me make a choice. By the way thanks to the people from the U.S. site. These photos have helped me make the right choice.
For photos not strictly judge, much as happened. Nasschelkal Quick.

Well, all a Happy Christmas.

Moderator edit: No weapons pics, please.


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Hope this would be easy to understand.

First of all, thank you for the detailed review! If I understand correctly, you're outside a lot on a snowmobile and metal bracelet is getting too cold so you purchased the PRG40. Pressure sensor works well for you, compass works well as well, but the altimeter is not as good?

The altimeter is based on the atmospheric pressure change. So even if you stay at the same place, as weather condition changes, it will show an altitude change.
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