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Greg Stevens Annivesary Sale

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Greg Stevens is having an anniversary sale.

G R E G S T E V E N S D E S I G N - Home

The more straps you buy, the better the deal. I've been thinking about getting a GS watch strap for awhile and this seems like a perfect opportunity. Obviously I can't buy 3, but if anyone else here was thinking of making a purchase perhaps this thread could be for members teaming up and making a purchase to save.

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A member just PMed me with a valid concern. I'm new here and this is definitely a touchy transaction as one person would need to make the order and others would have to transfer money. I do have an eBay account from which I sell a lot. If any number of us decided to make a transaction I could purchase the entire order from Greg Stevens and just list all of the straps on private auctions on eBay to the buyers. This would protect you because you didn't need to pay until I got the straps, plus you're under eBay buyer protection. Please understand I would have to charge additionally for shipping and fees incurred from shipping on eBay. Just a thought though. We could really get a great deal through the power of buying in bulk!
Yeah, Greg just responded to me saying he was on vacation as well. I'm located in California.
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