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Greetings from Jogjakarta, Indonesia

This is my first post. Thanks all for welcoming me.

Gruen Airflight has become a very collectible items nowadays.
We've seen Gruen Airflight in different models like:
1. AFA dial,
2. Super G, Cal 422 RSS
3. Two tone dial with Gruen Geneve and a diamond shaped line that runs to 12-3-6-9 hour. Usually comes with cal 422 RSS (same as Super G sans the super G signature)
4. Same as no 3 but in BLACK dial and black inner hour ring. Also cal 422 RSS.
5. Later version in bigger case. Usualy cal 510RSS or N510SS

If all original, which one is the rarest and most collectible/higher value?

Kindly share your thought

Thank you,
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