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hey guys i recently purchased a GSHOCK GA300 this being my first GSHOCK and ran into a problem the second day...
i bought it at a Duty Free shop in the airport.

so what has happened is that the minute and hour hand have stopped moving last night and i tried doing everything in the manual : reseting time zones, and manually setting it.

when reset the time zone they dont budge what so ever and when i do the manual way but going into H.SET and then using the B and D buttons as labeled in the manual the time digitally and the hands do not change.

the time digitally is correct though and everything.
and the watch is basically new havent done much besides taking it for a swim today but being a real GShock that was bought with a Gshock warranty card i doubt that being a problem and the battery i dont think would be a problem.

any advice or has anyone came into a similar problem and how did you fix it....
just trying to get it fixed without sending it in....

Thanks :)
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