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GW-3000B-1AER is in the house

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Ah - my GW-3000B-1AER has arrived and she is a beaut'!

My fav G-shock yet - as big of a pressence as a Suunto Core but with more reliability (oops now ive started something....).

Really liking the orange and how deep the face is. This is a big watch on wrist and isnt gonna fit under a shirt cuff so its a good thing the sun has come to the UK. :)

There was alot of interest in the office today when my package arrived, I think I'll be seeing a few more of these around soon.

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I'm thinking of getting one of these myself as a proper beater (my orange monster is excellent, but if I go a weekend without wearing it, I have to reset the time, every time!).

How high does it wear? I'm used to reasonably chunky watches under shirt sleeves, but just want to know just how chunky it is!

Also, where did you get it from? I'm looking for a UK seller. (Not sure about the rules on posting that, so rather than get in trouble, feel free to message me if you like!).

Hi Tom

To answer your questions in order:

1. It wears chunky. Its bigger than standard G-shocks Ive tried. Its height on wrist is gonna stop it fitting under the work shirt though. I used to wear a Suunto Core and this definitely compares in size but because the suunto had rounded edges it was shirt freindly.

Dimensions: 52,5mm x 49,8mm x 15,5mm (H x W x D)

2. I purchased from Watchhut for £146.30 (using a 5% off code otherwise it would have been £ 154.00) but there now out of stock :-( Perhaps you could email them? Loks like they put the price up though to £166?!

Tiktox have it listed as £153.93 but no stock but Im certain they'll get more (and if you find a cheaper price they will try to match)

Happy hunting
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Congrats on a nice watch,:-!

mmmmm thats the one I would of had if I wasnt a poor graphic designer. Nice :-d
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