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GW9300 Mudman Disassembled & Re-assembly (PICTURE HEAVY)

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I'm writing a short tutorial here for anyone interested in seeing what a GW9300 Mudman looks like in pieces :)

I have to admit that some of this was not very well thought out... e.g taking pictures of the components on red cloth might not have been the best option, however I hope that just being able to see everything laid out might be of help someone.

I would also like to mention that inspiration for this article was taken from Racka's G9000 assembly tutorial.


All of the parts

LCD front cover laid face down

LCD panel placed face down in LCD front cover. The mirror side on the back of the LCD panel can be seen

Clear plastic separator placed on top of LCD panel

EL panel placed face down (the other side is a light yellow colour)

LCD back cover is placed on top to keep everything in place

The conductive rubber strips are placed upright at the top and bottom of the LCD back cover. I understand these are very delicate

The tiny gold springs are placed (pointed side, up) on the bottom corners of the EL panel

The solar panel springs can be dropped in the two lower holes

The PCB can now be placed on top, taking extra care not to damage the antenna (top of PCB) or sensor on the side

The battery holder is now placed on top of everything. I missed a step here; the placing of the case springs into the top holes. There is also another spring in the middle, towards the bottom that I believe makes contact with the back case cover & enables the watch to make sound. I never actually removed it from the battery holder, hence why it wasn't shown in the first picture.

The module frame is clipped on & holds everything in place. This picture also shows the module placed into the watch case

Watch case, face up with negative display mod

Enjoy :-!
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Wow, that's a serious level of disassembling! I'd be very anxious about going this far. I take it you did this to change the LCD polarizing film?
Anyone know how do I get the module frame out of the bezel? I'm trying to get between the EL Panel and the LCD Panel, there seems like they is something behind it. It only shows up when i use the EL lighting so i think a speck of dirt or something is between the two pieces. Thanks for any help.
Hi Resnik, could you please upload those pictures up again? Thanks mate :)
Thanks dude.. Now i can see all of my G-9300GB ..
Hi Resnik, could you please upload those pictures up again? Thanks mate :)
Why, are you having trouble viewing them? They show up fine on my screen. If anyone else can verify this so I can correct it if necessary
Hey Resnik, sorry but I can't see those pictures too!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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