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Nope. Apparently, Hamilton makes cases that are the same size and look exactly alike, but have different locations for the springbars, depending on whether it leaves the factory with a bracelet or a strap. Afterwards, you can't swap one for the other without taking power tools to the lugs. On my watch, I stuck the endlinks into the lugs (without the bracelet or springbars) and looked to see where the holes should be. They're off by about 1-2 mm. Stupid design by Hamilton, if you ask me, but obviously, they didn't.
It's not only the springbar location....the lugs themselves are different. I"ve owned a couple of Hamilton Khaki chronos (I made a post about this on here or on TZ....can't remember now), but the lugs are longer on the bracelet version and have a straight end. On the strap version, the lugs are shorter and are rounded slightly.

I found this out the hard way when I bought a bracelet version, sold the bracelet and put on a leather strap. There was a big gap between the strap and the end of the case that looked odd.
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