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The title is the question. My Rolexes don't have a Glidelock clasp and I don't have a Tudor.

Just wondering what folks who have both think about which is easier to operate or whether both are easy enough to deal with that it's more that they are different than one being more efficient/effective/easy to use than the other.

It's strictly a curiosity question. I'm not about to buy another Oyster, and frankly, I don't personally care how easy it is to adjust a watch bracelet because I wear them loose and once they're initially set, I never have to mess with them again. (If I come down with a severe case of edema in my wrists, maybe I'll care. LOL) Still, it'd be nice to have a place (namely, this thread) to direct folks who ask me about either watch. I've run out of fingers and toes to count the folks -- mostly coworkers with whom I'm close -- who ask me something about buying a Rolex or whether they should consider opting for something else.

All the best.
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