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Alexis Sarkissian from TotallyWorthIt (USA) invited us to visit Hautlence at Baselworld.

He is not only a great host, he also has an incredible knowledge about Hautlence and the other brands he represents for the US.

One of their masterpieces is the HL 2.0. Stunning watch with a crystal made out of one block of glass.

Housing an exceptional and extremely haute horlogerie movement.

About Hautlence
From TotallyWorthIt
Neuchâtel, the historic capital of the land of watchmaking, has a tradition of precision and innovation. The surrounding area has accrued a great deal of experience, which has contributed to Neuchâtel’s reputation for quality, in terms of advanced technology & authentic craftsmanship making the world of manufacturing procedures a unique & passionate playing field for HAUTLENCE.

Neuchâtel is the true cradle of modern watchmaking. This is where we were meant to be in 2004.

In its constant search for identity and performance, the new brand decided to unite its destiny with the capital by taking an anagram of Neuchâtel for its name – HAUTLENCE.

HAUTLENCE came into being by the initiative of Renaud de Retz and Guillaume Tetu along with Jean Plazenet, Jean- Christophe Chopin and Alain de Forges.

Whether from the world of watchmaking or other precision industries, these enthusiasts joined forces, shared their rich respective entrepreneurial and industrial experiences, and come together to develop products that conform to a shared philosophy of watchmaking.

Everyone benefits from the diversity and richness of this human environment that surrounds them; through the "College". Whether it is during the conception, development or production stage, we work in symbiosis with craftsmen who share our commitment to sheer excellence and our desire to turn a dream into reality by creating a truly new object. The trust and friendship we maintain with them goes far beyond the usual relationships between client and subcontractor.

This concept of the "College" is not limited to those who work on our watches. It also extends to the world of our select distribution wanting to share our watchmaking values with us; these are sales - through the best watch representatives worldwide, journalists or clients with whom we have a direct relationship.

These artisanal watches require the help of over 50 participants to whom the brand owes its concept of "College".

A strong sign was needed to symbolize this collection and those to follow. We decided on the Möbius band - a mysterious object - one continuous surface, evoking the mathematical sign of infinity, the sign of everlasting time without beginning or end.

We have stylized and modified this sign to make it the brand logo and to best represent the Möbius band.

It is the encounter of strong ideas about new approaches to time display and the exploration of mechanical conceptions that gave shape to the HAUTLENCE project.

We approach general conception with dynamic simulation. During these stages, we consult the watchmaking masters and specialists associated with our company. They participate in the creation until the details of the study can be handed over to outside sources to compile a fabrication file. In manufacturing the pieces and mounting the watch, this file alone is used to determine the appropriate tolerances and geometric reserves for its assembly and adjustment.

When it comes to manufacturing each type of component, the very best specialists produce the components for the prototypes, which are then given to a watchmaking master for assembly. Then, the testing period can begin.

The innovative character of the mechanism of the HAUTLENCE watch requires an in-house doctor of mechanics to develop original measurement mechanisms and tests. This doctor then proceeds to conduct tests on the torque settings, wear and shock resistance of the prototypes.

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