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Just got a piece from HDMS recently. He doesn't have any references so I am his first.
I decide to go with him after gotten some tagged photos. all checks out.
payment was made promptly and watch is sent.

Received the watch, realised there's a deep ding on the case that wasn't highlighted or was originally not there on the watch.
So i decided to reach out to him.

He was shocked to see that ding, so we suspected it may have been caused by the links that is floating around in the case during shipment.

nevertheless, he didn't escaped or try to push the blame around. We came to a common agreement to send the watch to polishing and he would foot 75% of the bill.
I wasn't supposed to pay anymore but I think rather than refund, this could be a better way out for both of us.
So he paypaled me the cash and we're done with the deal.

It could turn out better but not every battle is won. So at least we both agreed to something.
So i would highly recommend this seller.
reliable and takes responsibilities!

Keep it up and good luck buddy.
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