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helenarou Bell & Ross Homage anygood?

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Im interested in buying the:


Anyone purchased? Quality any good? :think:

For £50-60 it looks quite a deal, and its a simple design so I cant imagine getting it wrong but I would like to know about the movement

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I don't know if mine was from the same supplier as Helenarou's, but it had a really bad Miyota Stutter (uses a Chinese Miyota clone movt).

Otherwise, the case construction is very nice. I'll post pics when I'm not in the middle of class lol

edit: better yet, here's a link to the review I posted:
lol i hear you on the cheap movement. I broke it trying to adjust the stutter out (forgot to release the mainspring and the movement exploded when I removed the top plate. Never found the mainspring click.) I replaced it with a $15 Miyota clone from ofrei and it runs fine now :D

Does your crown screw down? Mine doesn't, which is just fine by me because I like to give it a little hand-crank every now and then.

The lumeless hands are dumb, too, and it does almost look too big on a 7.5" wrist, but I like it nonetheless.

The main reason I bought mine was because I really want a BR-01-94 (instrument chronograph. Preferably limited-edition orange markers on pvd case) but before I drop out of school and put my college money into a watch, I wanted to make sure I'd actually want to wear a 46mm square watch. Good thing I like it. Now I'm off to the registrar to drop all my classes and withdraw my enrollment.

j/k :D I'll go ahead and finish my BA, I guess.
> Does your crown screw down? Mine doesn't,
Yes, it does screw down. It is confusing, however. The thing is winding the whole time it is screwing down. Maybe you just haven't turned it enough while depressing it???
I mean mine isn't designed to screw down. No threads at all.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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