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I need some help with this pocket watch.

here is what I know:
* it is used in early 20st in Europe
* It is repeater, mybe minute repeater.
* silver mark 800
* there is mark on it "crown and moon" - as I know, it is old german mark for silver.
* there are also very small symbols that looks like bug and animal (if I see right) - I think it could be connected with company that made case for it.
* only letters on movement are fast/avance - slow/retard ....eng/france, I know what that mean:)
* there is also pendand (looks like marmaid), I am 90% sure it was originally with watch becouse how it is connect with case.

- I am not interested in selling, value or anything simmilar.....just to find out as much as I can about it.

Thanks all for any help that I can get!






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The watch is from the late 19th or early 20th century, assembled by an unknown maker. The raw movement is by Le Phare SA from Le Locle, a well known maker of complex, high quality movements, especially repeaters and combinations of these with chronographs. I can't identify the precise movement but it ought to be a Cal. EB with a different balance cock rather than the bridge. Try here:

Schlagwerke 19"'

...and go ca. 2/3 - 3/4 of the way down the page.

Hartmut Richter
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