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Hello everyone,

First off I'd like to introduce myself. I've just joined the forum and have an interest in learning how watches work. I'm slowly going through the stickys to learn as much as I can. Two years ago my father passed away and recently my mom gave me a bunch of his watchmaking tools. I learned that back in the 60's my dad was the resident watch repair man in Portugal. This peaked my interest and he has some pretty cool tools that I am finding out are needed for watch repairs. He also has a bunch of spare parts. Various axles and springs.

I'm posting some pics of these tools. Some I have learned what the are like the dumont tweezers, knife to remove back, movement holder, screwdrivers etc. The staking tool and riveting set I am not sure what they would be used for. Any ideas? I've searched the net but haven't found an explanation on what these tools are for.

Lastly, if I plan on taking apart some watches to start experimenting are these tools good enough or should I invest in some new pieces?

Any input and comments are welcome and appreciated.


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