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First and foremost of importance to me is lume!
I want to easily be able to roll over after 5 hrs of darkness in a sound sleep
and quickly see the time without too much fumbling.

I need a new hunting/camping watch.

Here is what I would like

2) Great lume or light
3) Ability to mark 2 points and have it guide me from one to the other (perhaps a couple more but I could not imagine more than 5 or 10)... Id like to mark the cabin I am staying in when I get there and then walk out to my hunting blind, push a button on the watch to mark that and be able to have the watch guide me from one to the other.
4) EASE OF USE! Id MUCH rather not have to hook it up to a computer and all of that. I do not want something that is going to turn on the microwave, chart my life or have a guide book thats going to take a week to learn and be as exciting as War and Peace.
5) A BIG bonus but least important... Vibrating alarm.

Please let me know what suggestions you have.

If I can't find a easy compass/gps thingy I will just go with a luminox seal on a velcro as at least Ill get killer lume easy to read.

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I am a hardcore Bowhunter. My favorite in the woods are the Suunto Observer Sr black and the Highgear Altis.

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The thing about GPS watches is that (unless there's been some breakthrough that I'm unaware of, which is possible) battery life is really, really poor.

I don't think any Casio Pathfinder/Protrek is more rugged than a Suunto Observer.

Casios tend to have better backlighting.

No ABC watch I'm aware of has a vibrating alarm. There are a few Casio watches that do, but only a couple of them are G-Shocks (last I looked), and none have ABC functionality.

Basically, your watch doesn't exist... :oops:

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PRG-80 or PAW-1100 last of the Casio field ABC`s big, easy to read, and one of the most durable if not the most on the market, five years in the field and never missed a beat. There are more technical & accurate ABC`s that have been developed since 2005, however for ease of use and survivability they are still unbeatable.

The PRG -80 is difficult to sum up, however; there is a trade off between capability and usability, as far as I know, no one has figured out how to achieve maximum capability and maximum usability in the same device. In prospect the capability seems more important than usability; in practice the reverse is true, and this is where the PRG-80 shines.

For all those that want to see the 80`s in all their glory b-);

PRG-80YT-1VDR (on Casio Ballistic Nylon & Leather strap)

Let`s have a closer look

PRG80 is not "Atomic" black end pieces sourced from PRW-1100

And you just thought it was only black

Original Ion Plated Bracelet

Now on Hirsch "Extreme" rubber dive strap


PRG-80L-2VDR Blue

Capturing the color of these chameleons is a challenge as the Blue & Green PRG-80L`s change their look with the slightest change in lighting,
good thing is they never look garish, often looking almost black.

PRG-80L-3VDR Green

PRG-80L-3VDR Green

Original synthetic leather strap, works well in hot climates

Another strap option off PRG-80L-1VDR Resin

On the wrist

PRG-80, really a field watch, big and extremely durable, a very tough solar powered beast, not far off G-Shock survivability :-!.

You can play about with the straps on this model, giving it more versatility. I have used these extensively in the field, in all conditions imaginable
(-25C - +55C, 100% humidity for months at a time, jungles of the sub tropics to the remote Taklamakan dessert to the cold of inner Mongolia to the Middle East (work related)).

I would recommend one to anyone wanting a robust field watch, large easy to read display in all modes. One of the most stable Protrek`s when exposed
to temperature change. ABC functions are easy to set up & use, and the altimeter is reasonably accurate, as long as you follow & understand Casio`s recommendations.

Very few criticisms other than limited CDT & stopwatch duration, the bottom line is they work as intended, if I was limited to only one ABC watch, the PRG-80, would be in a list of two and it`s proven durability/longevity nudges it to No1 a true "Tool Watch" in all regards|> |>

My Timex WS4 easily out performs the PRG-80 being more accurate and a more technical tool, yet I have a feeling that even my original blue 80 will be around far longer, so far the PRG-80`s has been impervious to anything I have thrown at them. The WS4 is still the new kid on the block and needs to prove it`s long term durability in the field, so far so good.

PRG-80 & WS4 compared

PRW-1100, PRW-1000 & PAW-1100 have "Atomic" reception

Tough Solar Power
Digital Compass
16 points of measurement
Measuring range: 0 to 359 degrees
Measuring unit: 1 degree
Measuring range: -700 to 10,000m (-2,300 to 32,800ft)
Measuring unit: 5m (20ft)
Auto memory measurements
Altimeter Memory
Memory capacity: 40 records
Measurement data: altitude, month, date, time
High / Low altitude memory
Cumulative ascent / descent memory
Relative altitude display
Altitude tendency graph
Altitude differential graphic
Altitude alarm
Display range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (7.65 to 32.45 inHg)
Display unit: 1 hPa (0.05 inHg)
Atmospheric pressure tendency graph
Atmospheric pressure differential grapic
Display range: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)
Display unit: 0.1 C (0.2 F)
100M Water Resistant
Low Temperature Resistant (-10 C / 14 F)
Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow 1.5sec or 2.5sec
Duplex LCD
World Time
29 times zones (30 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
5 Daily Alarms
Countdown Timer
Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown range: 1 minute to 60 minutes
Auto-repeat function
1/100 second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 9:59'59.99"
Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
Hourly Time Signal
Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
12/24 Hour Formats
Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month
Storage Battery CTL1616
Battery Power Indicator
Power Saving Function
Approx. battery life: 6 months on full charge (without further exposure to light)
Module 2894
Size of case/total weight
PAG80 62.3 x 52.2 x 16.8mm / 78g
PAG80T 62.3 X 52.2 X 16.8mm / 118g

PRG-80 Links

Are Protreks Accurate #1
Are Protreks Accurate #2
PRG-80YT-1VDR Strap Conversion


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The thing about GPS watches is that (unless there's been some breakthrough that I'm unaware of, which is possible) battery life is really, really poor.
here i have to disagree

when using the X10 in manual mode or 1 minute GPS-fix mode, the battery life is no issue - unless your hunting trip takes longer than a month without bringing you back to civilization and some power supply.

so if JYogi only wants to map like 5-10 points and finding back to the hut (the track-back function is just perfect for that), manual mode on the X10 would really work for him and battery life would be nothing to worry about.

the only thing the X10 is not offering is a vibrating alarm, otherwise all requests to the wacth are fullfilled.

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If your main needs is to tell time, alarm and compass I'll recommend the SGW100. It's very cheap compared to some of the other ABC models. It has a compass and thermometer.


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No, never even seen one. I used my regular Black Core this past hunting season and it was perfect. The positive display was great in low light.

Did you ever get one of these Origo watches? I am seriously considering one. I just can't find any reviews of them or find anyone who owns one.
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