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HELP- My Luminox 3001 is bezeless

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I bought this watch in 1996 and around 1998 her bezel popped off.

I contacted Luminox and they said they do not sell the replacement unless I send the watch in for a full service (almost $200.)

Does anyone know who sells the bezels? Or, any of the other companies have bezels that fit an older 3001?

Thank you in advance...
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hello, there are usually some broken or not running LUMINOX watches on Fleabay that you can buy cheap to get a good bezel from....that is what I did when my bezel numbers wore off.....( well, bought a water damaged LUMI --then had a local jeweler replace it for me!!) hope this helps-----Paul H|>
hey, it's me again---i should have mentioned that in my other post....there are several companies that make this EXACT same model/style (P.U. case and same bezel) different model #'s from different companies--but the same watch---I.E. Traser,KHS,Smith & Wesson, Stocker & Yale,Ball,----Just to name a few--i can do a little research and probably come up with at least 5 is a very common design... not saying some of the ones i mentioned would be all that cheap even if they were damaged!!! (Ball--Sandy) but search a few of these makers too!! you might find one quicker....Paul H |>

just found a few more: ASP, Field & Stream, Weems & Plath
Spectre130---hello, it is paul again...i was just surfing fleabay and found a luminox listed as is for parts only and it has a bezel like you looks to be in really good condition. The item # is 320512459731 or your can do a search in watches for "luminox" and newly listed and it should come up in the first 10 or 20 listings---------kind regards, paul h.:-!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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