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Help needed. Looking to pin down the manufacturing date for a Seiko Ladies' automatic day/date watch.

PROBABLY in the 1990s (it was purchased as part of a lot which included 2 watches from that time frame)
but the challenge has me trying to do better than that, to figure it out from the clews available.

Here's the description:
Seiko Ladies Series 5 Automatic watch.
Stainless steel case and band.
Model (back case imprint) 4206-0300 (also A4 enclosed in square)
Crystal outer diameter 21.8mm (+/-)
Springbar 12mm (+/-)

(On the face:)
"Seiko" "5" (gold in light gold background, in an inverted five-sided figure, like home plate in baseball)
[there is no jewel count]
at 6 o'clock, very small gold "4206-092R R" then a swooshy "s"-like figure
Day and Date, black lettering on white background.
Black face.
Gold hands with white (luminescent?) fill.
Gold second sweep hand.
Bars, gold with white fill, in all number positions EXCEPT:
3 o'clock has day/date window
12 o'clock has Roman Numeral XII
Surrounding he number field are two concentric circles in gold,
with small gold dots at the minute divisions
and white dots at the five minute divisions.

(stamped on the back case)
Serial number 550040
"STAINLESS STEEL 4206-0300 [A4]"

Stamped on the inside of the band at the springbar is "E5004"
Band/bracelet is folding clasp stainless steel, "SEIKO" embossed on clasp.

The movement is 4206A (yes, I opened the back and looked).
Stamped on the movement is "17 JEWEL"
and on one side is a peculiar set of symbols
/ |_|
(yeah, really, about like that)
so, other than attaching a photo (which will probably be of poor quality), that's the best I can do.

The calculators that I could find online gave me a month of 5 (May) and a year of 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995...
but I'd like to try to narrow it down better than that.
My best guess is 1995, but based on the 4206A designation on the movement, I can't rule out 1985.

it is probably not expensive (similar featured watches retail on Amazon and other sites for $US80-200),
but I'm really curious. The challenge is to do better than the robot.

Can any Seiko collecting veteran provide assistance?
(BTW, here is a distinct "guy's bias" in the watch discussions, but I think I understand the tendency...
guys tend to collect "stuff", then try to figure it out.)

Also: Is there any other observable feature which would help sort things out?

Also: what qualifies as "vintage"? I'm probably vintage... :)

[edit] the best picture I can find is at amazon dot com, search string
"Seiko womens automatic watch black" and find current item
EXCEPT my watch has no "VI" at the six o'clock position and
(dots not lines at the minute marks surrounding the numerals).
(this picture shows identifiers 4207 0804 TQ 1 on the face)

[edit #2] hopefully there is a picture of the watch face attached to this post.
The watch face colour is a very deep blue, which I called black.
It is possible, if you can zoom in on the picture, to read the teensy type at the 6 o'clock position.
At least I can on my 10-year-old macintosh screen... should be 4206 092R R there... <thanks for your patience!>

Thanks to any/all in advance. Happy holidays.

[Edit #2] UPDATE:
Fumbling around this board, I found more in the Seiko 5 specialty thread, and the Seiko5 Finder.

This model is probably an SUAA31.
The Finder gives "Not Found" when I ask about a black watch face. Blue it is, then...
The Seiko5 Date Finder lookup gives manufacture date of May in either 1985 or 1995 (sigh).
My guess (based on the 4206A caliber) is 1985...
...but I welcome opinions from more experienced Seiko-watchers.

Thanks in advance...


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