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Help needed with this Omega Genève (Breguet numerals)

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Hello everybody - I could use some help with this one: Ref. 166.070 with Breguet numerals. The overall condition seems to be ok. The thing I'm confused about is the "Seamaster" case back, the other Omega Genèves with Breguet numerals seem to have different (plain, non engraved) backs. What are your thoughts? The seller claims that every part is original.
Thank you in advance!

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The Omega database returns this for the model number in the caseback Vintage Luxury Watch | OMEGA | OMEGA® ( (assuming I read the number right) and the movement number returns this Vintage Luxury Watch | 1000 | OMEGA® (

I'd opine that the dial has been redone. The 1's in 11 don't match and the dial texture is off. Here is a dial from eBay
Font Circle Number Pattern Event

and a thread from OmegaForums Omega Geneve with breguet numerals? | Omega Forums - with yours, the more modern case doesn't seem to fit the (older) dial design.
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