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Very interesting piece. The cloisonne dial was used in a few Omega designs, but I don't think I have seen this specific pattern before. Given the quality of the dial I think it might have been a custom job....

The other information you provided would indicate that the case is 18K gold and the movement is a bumper automatic (most likely a 28.10?*) from around 1944-45

* I have revised my comment as after looking at the watch again it appears that it does not have a sweep seconds or sub seconds hand. There are a few possibilities here - first, that a 28.10 movement was used but the dial covers the sub-seconds pinion. This makes sense if the object is not to obstruct the cloisonne work. A second option is that this was a 28.10SC which was modified by removing the sweep seconds pinion and using a closed cannon pinion.
Can anyone help with info on this watch:

Gold; ornate with gems

See pictures:

Back of watch says 0.750 Omega watch Co. Fab Suisse Swiss made
10528504 on movement: sevemteem 17 jewels 10526041

1 - 3 of 3 Posts