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Hi - I have made the mistake of trusting an advert that said the co-pilot I bought would fit all Emergency's. My fault - I should have checked:

I have: 2009 Emergency E76321, with end links W4507. The co-pilot is E80172 The 'size' difference between the bracelet end-link and the gap that it should slot into the co-pilot is only fractions of a millimetre! To the naked eye all looks like it should be a perfect fit and match.

A couple of questions that I would appreciate help/thoughts on:

1) Anyone know where there is a good reference source for bracelets/end links/co-pilot compatability?
2) Interested in any views as to whether best option is to buy a new-bracelet that fits the co-pilot (and matches the head), or sell on the co-pilot on search for the correct model (whatever that is).
3) Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.
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