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Hello to all,

I got a wild streak and bought a watch far outside my realm.... Need someone more knowledgeable on this than me. Photos below.

It is a Francois Borgel cased Tavannes. The movement and case are marked with a dog and the case is stamped "Trusty" - which is the "maker." It is a 18K case that looks like a Borgel attempt at a canteen case. It is missing the screw "top" crown to the canteen. I think the movement is a "Tavannes"/Cyma Cal 216. I don't believe it is a marriage.....but it is an odd duck. Anymore info or any idea of what the screw top should look like would be appreciated.

Thank you as always,


s-l1600-17.jpg s-l1600-19.jpg s-l1600-20.jpg s-l1600-21.jpg s-l1600-22.jpg
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