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One may or may not like the watch, but Oliver sure owns our support. He's known for the Ikepod brand, and I would have hoped his new A. Manzoni & fils brand would be able to get off the ground. Again, you may like or dislike the watch, or think the price is too steep, but nonetheless, getting his project funded should be worth something for all watch enthusiasts (imho), and how cool would it be if the Watchuseek community would help him achieve that? Please consider to become a backer.

Here's Oliver's message he sent out to his contacts:
Dear Friends

Not everyone has had the courage to go out on a crowdfinancing platform and ask for active backing of his project in the luxury industry.
Me, as you know, I am very stubborn and persistent. If I want to do sth. I realize it no matter what. On top I think I have nothing to lose. The years of investor speculation I lived through with Ikepod years ago made me very sceptical to invite partners in my new venture "A.Manzoni & Fils". So I decided to hit the road as the first luxury watch crowdfunder on Kickstarter.
Kickstarter has been a tough but very interesting experience and I learned a lot. It has been an incredible platform of visibility. Once you put your project out there everyone sees you. It is like a musician going on stage, you cannot pull out and say "oh I made a mistake". I do not regret to have lived this experience no matter if, or not we reach our goal.

I do not want to bore you here and write any more but I want you to understand this as a last call to participate in my project that finishes on Saturday night.

Pledge 10$,100$,300$ or whatever you feel it is worth for you or take the unique opportunity to fetch one of the Canopus Weekplanner at a third of retail( 5K$ instead of 15$)
Here the link to place your pledge: Canopus Weekplanner watch launch A.Manzoni & Fils by oliver ike, ilkka suppanen — Kickstarter
If everyone of my contacts pledges 100$ in average we will reach our goal, but of course they do not:)
Anyways the watch will be produced as plenty of investors approached us during the campaign, but it would be really cool to see kickstarter fill up in the next two days thanks to your contribution. Just to remind you, if we do not reach our goal your card in any case will not be charged.

Thank you to all of you that will support us or already have supported us. Your name will be listed on a special section of our website as long as the brand A.Manzoni & Fils exists.

Best regards from Lugano

Oliver Ike (aka watchnut)

Manufacture A.Manzoni & Fils SA
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