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Helson Shark Diver 40 Brass

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I just received the Helson Shark Diver 40mm Brass. Very happy with it! The quality seems outstanding for the price. The Agate dial is beautiful and so unique. The screw down crown also has a gasket at the bottom which is a nice added security. It has hex lug bars instead of spring bars, which is a bit of a pain for strap changes, but look to be much more secure than spring bars. The only complaint I have with it is the minute hand is too wide for my taste, it should be the same width as the hour hand, but that is just me nit picking, lol. The stock strap is quite stiff, but hoping it breaks in. I have ordered some brass straps from Vario as well. This is my first watch with a Seiko movement (it has the NH35) and I know they can be very hit and miss for accuracy. I seem to have gotten lucky, I've had it on for about 36hrs and it is running 0spd. The most accurate of any of my mechanical watches so far! This is my first brass watch and am extremely happy with the look. Also this is my first micro brand. I was kind of skeptical about getting into micro brands, I was worried about parts availability in the future, but as other members have said it will be the same problem if a major brand discontinues a watch. And they use common movements so that won't be a problem to repair. I am glad I decided to get one as the quality for the price is outstanding. My wrist is just over 7" and to me the 40mm is the perfect size. It definitely is a chunky watch though. Overall extremely happy, and excited to see how the patina develops over time.

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Thanks everyone!

Wicked nice! The dial too. Is the case back SS or bronze?
Thanks! The case back is actually titanium
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