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This was posted by someone else in the general forums, here:

However I thought deserved to be posted in the Tag Heuer forum as well. My own watches will make up part of the display here in Dubai, and so obviously the event should be amazing :-d

Knowing who will be providing some of there pieces to their local exhibitions alongside the Tag Heuer museum pieces guarantees there will be some real gems on display! Lots of pictures to come out of it as well b-)

TAG Heuer presents the Heuer-Globetrotter exhibition
From 15 to 30 September, 400 Heuer watches are displayed in 10 cities all over the world at the same time. A unique concept that highlights the rich heritage and heritage of TAG Heuer, with 150 years of history.

Paris - The Classical Heuer
The Carrera, the Autavia, the Monaco, ... many Heuer models have passed through time and have imposed themselves as cult objects in the eyes of watch enthusiasts. The flagship piece of the Paris exhibition? The famous Heuer Monaco of 1969, the first automatic watch chronograph square and waterproof in the history of Swiss watchmaking, which is especially that worn by Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans in 1971. It is since an iconic watch of the collection Heuer.

TAG Heuer Paris Champs-Elysees, 104 Avenue des Champs Elysees, 85008 Paris, France

On this subject, Rafael Gago de la Mato, collector Heuer from Paris said: "I think it's a really great project and I'm very proud to be able to participate in this adventure! "

Geneva - the great inventions
For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer successfully met all the challenges. By challenging ancestral mechanical conventions, the brand has brought Swiss watchmaking to unprecedented levels of precision and performance. A Swiss watchmaker in the vanguard since 1860, TAG Heuer is the creator of many inventions that make his legend. The flagship of the Geneva exhibition? The famous Mikrograph of 1916, the first chronograph of the precise history to the 1 / 100th of a second.

TAG Heuer Geneva, 9 Rue Robert-Céard, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

On this subject, Jean-Jacques von Erlach, collector Heuer in Switzerland, said: "As a true collector Heuer, it was obviously an honor for me to participate in this unique and unpublished project! "

Munich - military watches
In the mid-1960s, at the request of the German Army, TAG Heuer developed a chronograph that had to meet the demands of the military pilots. The watch brand has therefore created the now mythical Bundeswehr, with reference to the name of the German army, and which will be presented during these 15 days in Munich.

TAG Heuer Munich Theatinerstrasse, Theatinerstrasse 44, 8033 Munich, Germany

On this subject, Arno Haslinger, collector Heuer of Munich said: "I am very proud that my watch participates in this project TAG Heuer international. This exhibition is really a great opportunity for collectors. I am very glad that shows can travel around the world. But I will also be very happy because it will come back! "

Venice - Automotive and Timing
Motor racing is an integral part of TAG Heuer's DNA, which has been and continues to be the Official Timekeeper of the biggest and most legendary motor racing of all time. The brand has woven, consolidated and pushed this link with car sport to an unprecedented level of performance, with the creation of chronographs that pushed the limits of chronometric accuracy - 1 / 10th, 1 / 100th, 1 / 1,000th and 5 / 10,000ths of a second. The key piece of the Venice exhibition? The Autavia, the first on-board meter developed for AUTomobile and AVIAtion.

TAG Heuer Venice, San Marco 1298, 30124 Venice, Italy

On this subject, Paolo Bernardi, collector Heuer of Venice said "Heuer has such a rich and interesting heritage, this exhibition will be a great opportunity for watch lovers to discover the history of the brand. I am therefore very proud to be able to participate in this new project!

Dubai - sailing and diving
Water, surfing, sailing, sport and sportsmanship ... TAG Heuer has always been close to the sea. Already with the patented invention of one of the first waterproof cases for a pocket watch in 1895 with the creation of the first chronograph in the world with a dial for regattas and an indicator of the level of the tides. The flagship exhibit of Dubai? The Seaparer or Maréograph of 1950, the world's first chronograph with tide indicators.

TAG Heuer FR Dubai Mall, Gold Souk Atrium, Level G, 0 Dubai

On this subject, Yousuf Gargash, a collector Heuer of Dubai said: "I discovered Heuer very recently but I immediately became passionate about the brand. Plunging into the history of such a rich brand is very inspiring for my everyday life, to reinvent myself as Heuer does so well. "

Singapore - Formula 1
Motor racing is an integral part of TAG Heuer's DNA, which has been, and continues to be, the Official Timekeeper of the biggest and most legendary car races of all time and in particular Formula 1. In 1971, Heuer is the first home Watchmaking team associated with a Grand Prix team, the Scuderia Ferrari team. The partnership lasted until 1979. In 1985, TAG Heuer, with whom she had the longest partnership in F1 (30 years), was next to McLaren. Today TAG Heuer is the timekeeper of the F1 Red Bull Racing team. The key piece of the Singapore show? The Heuer Carrera of 1970 in 18ct gold, which Jack Heuer had offered to every Ferrari driver, with the name engraved on the bottom of the box.

TAG Heuer Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, # 02-34 / 35 wisma atria, 238877 Singapore

On this subject, Jack Wong, collector Heuer of Singapore said: "Who would not be proud to see his watches travel around the world and be exposed to watchmakers? "

Hong Kong - Automotive and Drivers
Motor racing is an integral part of TAG Heuer's DNA, which has been and continues to be the Official Timekeeper of the biggest and most legendary motor racing of all time. Always at the forefront, already in 1969, when Heuer is the first watch brand to sponsor a professional pilot, Jo Siffert. Since then, the biggest champions have followed: Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Alain Prost, Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard, Kimi Räikkönen, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, not forgetting Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. All of them proudly wore a TAG Heuer on their wrists or on the counter during their most important competitions. The key piece of the Hong Kong exhibition? The Heuer Carrera of 1965 special edition Indianapolis. Launched in 1963, the Carrera model quickly became a must-have for the car drivers, thanks to its very readable dial.

TAG Heuer Hong Kong Ocean Terminal, Shop OT213, level 2, Ocean Terminal, Harbor City, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong

"I am delighted to be able to help TAG Heuer on this unique and unusual project and to be able to lend my watches and meet other members of the Heuer community of Hong Kong! "

Sydney - multisports
Skiing, boxing, golf, rugby ... there are many sports that TAG Heuer has committed to in the past. With the invention in 1887 of the famous oscillating pinion for the mechanical chronometers, still used today, sports timekeeping is part of the brand's DNA. The showpiece of the Sydney show? The Ringmaster of 1957 with interchangeable bezel according to the sport practiced, and which inspired in particular the special edition Mohamed Ali of 2016.

TAG Heuer Westfield, 188 Pitt Street, 2000 Sydney, Australia

On this subject, David Chalmers, collector Heuer of Sydney said: "This project looked so exciting that I accepted immediately! "

Tokyo - design through history
Whether it is the "Monza" chronograph of the 1930s with the timeless design of its cushion case or the "Kirium F1" with its dual time display, concern for performance, ergonomics and Comfort has always presided over the design of the watch and its bracelet. The flagship of the Tokyo exhibition? The Time of Trip of 1911, one of the rarest pieces of the Heuer collection.

TAG Heuer Tokyo Omotesando, 150-0001 | 5-8-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Kanto district 150-0001, Japan

On this subject, Ikuo Shiraishi, Tokyo collector Heuer said: "I appreciate the invitation for this extraordinary international project. I am honored and excited to be one of the key collectors of the event! "

Miami - design
Whether it is the "Monza" chronograph of the 1930s with the timeless design of its cushion case or the "Kirium F1" with its dual time display, concern for performance, ergonomics and comfort has always presided over the design of the watch and its bracelet. The showpiece of the Miami show? The beautiful Camaro of 1970

TAG Heuer Miami District Design, 140 ne 39th Street, suite 109, 33137 Miami, US

Jeff Stein, Miami collector Heuer, said: "As a key collector in the United States, I am really happy to take on the role of curator for this magnificent exhibition! "

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