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And here is where the limitations and assumptions of this model need to be made clear. Watch "company" is more to the point since you are choosing to lump together distinct sub-brands on aggregated sales volume (how important is this, and where do you get the data?) and (predominant) sales channel (I can get Seiko 5 in the same shop I get Grand Seiko). Is airport duty free the same as a mall? Or a boutique?

So, nice effort and a reasonable starting point for discussions. But if you want it to be useful, then the basis on which you form these categories really need to be spelled out. And yeah, Rolex isn't high end.

Seiko obviously doesn't work the same way Swiss watch brands do - they are a mega corporation with lots of sub-labels and Prospex for example could go into Enthusiast and Entry Level luxury.. But I wasn't about to break them up into Presage, Spirit, Alba, Seiko 5 etc etc. I had to go with where the bulk of their sales are and how they are sold (in every shopping mall = consumer).
Grand Seiko and Credor are their own distinct entity, so they get their own entry. Honestly, Credor is all over the place, reflecting Seiko's lack of focus in general as to who they want to market to.
1 - 2 of 395 Posts