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Probably quasi-luxury.

If I did it in a pyramid, then enthsiast would be one side of the base while consumer and quasi-luxury made up the other side of the base. Then the luxury tiers would be sitting above them. That's how I'd imagine it, anyway.

Alpina I disagree with but tehre is definitely a case to move Mido up into quasi-luxury given they are the most expensive brand out of what I call "the basic 4" of the Swatch Group (Tissot, Certina, Hamilton and Mido).
Ball is in the right spot - their cost of entry is not high and comparable to other quasi-luxury brands and while they have an interesting history, their brand power is relatively mild. Oris is also in the right spot for now in my estimation BUT with their new in-house movement, they are definitely aiming to move up, so we'll see in a few years where they are. The difference between Oris and other brands is that since they are independent, they will want to move up and improve whereas other brands under larger conglomerates are usually assigned a market segment to operate in while other brands handle the higher priced products.
Breitling I would not even consider moving down. Their main model, the Navitimer, is firmly a luxury-grade watch.
Panerai and Rolex are in the right places, given their pricing. Quality-wise, I can see Panerai being in luxury but thing is they command high-end luxury prices. Rolex is always going to be the most looked at brand but I am more comfortable with them being high end than being in luxury. They have such an extensive precious metal and jewelled range that everyone saying "they should be lower" always forgets, because they're fixated on Seamasters and Submariners.

I agree that TAG is tricky and there is a good argument for them being in quasi-luxury instead because their cost of entry is relatively low for their cheaper models. I think the main reason they are in entry-level instead is the Heuer factor - it brings them up. Everyone would agree that a Monaco or Autavia are at the very least an entry-level luxury watches while an Aquaracer is probably a quasi-luxury watch. TAG is tricky, but I'm OK putting them where they are.

That chart is the main reason I want to knock Chopard into luxury tier as well. You can also tell looking at that hierarchy the rough price-levels set for the categories in the graphic. Just bear in mind that the main difference between luxury and high-end luxury is that JLC has to be at a higher level than Omega (generally speaking) and I think most WIS are OK with that.

I agree. Oris are an independent brand and are clearly setting themselves for bigger things.
Tudor and Oris are two brands I can see moving up a level in a few years time but one thing Oris would have to do is start raising the minimum price of their cheaper models. In my rough estimation, it take around $1500 to be the cheapest model in an entry-level luxury brand. The older Aquis and 65 do this, but the big pointer dates can be had cheaper (I think?)

There's an argument for that, but I'm comfortable with where they are as I see Sinn and Longines being at at their level.

This "Rolex factor" is also one of the reasons that Rolex would never be just a luxury tier watch, even if you can somehow ignore an average Rolex sale being almost twice the price of an average Omega sale.

In a just world, they would be lower, but the prices they go for are insane.
Like a poor man's Richard Mille.

Don't feel sorry for Longines. They are dominating, absolutely dominating the quasi-luxury tier in terms of sales and that is exactly where the Swatch Group wants them positioned - to catch the consumers that want a nice, quality watch from a strong brand but are not willing to pay more than about $3000. Swatch Group has Omega for those looking to spend more.

As for Credor, there's actually a case to knock them lower. Go to the Seiko boutique and you can see brand-new Credors for sale for just over $3000 Australian. I'm surprised more people haven't called out that Credor ranking,, actually.
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