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So there was a watch hierarchy thread going round on the board right now and everyone can agree that it was pretty freaking bad in how it ranked watch brands. There has always been this one graphic from a blog (link HERE) that I thought ranked watches very well but it was missing a lot of brands we talk about around here. So I updated that graphic and tweaked a few of the rankings I thought were a little off. I tried to be as objective as possible, but there were a few placings that I felt were borderline. So here it is (comments welcome): View attachment 16445120 EDITS since original post:
  • Bumped Tissot from Enthusiast to Consumer - too mainstream to be an enthusiast watch.
  • Glashutte Original down to "Luxury" (an average unit sale is more comparable to Omega than Zenith)
  • Added Epos, Tourby and Mathey-Tissot.
  • Added Muhle Glashutte (playing in the same kind of space as Longines)
  • Baume & Mercier down to quasi-luxury
  • Added Junkers, Meistersinger and Vulcain
  • Roger Dubuis and Harry Winston moved from Ultra Luxury to High End Luxury
  • Added Seiko Prospex as a separate brand to Enthusiast (but if I make an exception for one???) and added Dubsy & Shoobadoobee
  • Column formatting change. Added Eberhard & Co and Eterna (can't believe I forgot Eterna)
  • Added Pulsar
  • Glashutte original back up to high-end luxury
  • Zenith down to luxury (mainly b/c of brand strength)
  • Mido up to quasi-luxury
  • Added Nixon, MVMT, Monta, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Ressence
  • Bulgari to luxury
  • Added Vostok (the original), Revue Thommen and Corum
  • Panerai down to Luxury, removed the Vincero joke category.
  • Added Czapek, Armin Strom, Ming, Graham, Kurono, Minase, anOrdian, Habring, ZRC, Formex, Le Jour and Aristo.
Overall I this this list is very well done. We all have our options but yet you seem to have almost everyone's with your selections. If this was my list my 3 changes would be as follows. 1. Hamilton up to Quasi-luxury 2. Oris up to Entry level Luxury. 3. Switch Rolex and Grand Seiko. Well done!

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This is great. Thx for putting it together. Can’t wait to share w/ my son who is becoming very interested in watches!

I love that you have Epos on this list as they are often overlooked. My 2 cents would be that Rolex is Luxury rather than High End. I also don’t see much talk on these boards about Chopard. Chopard is a respectable watch brand IMHO (But I don’t own one).
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