Moderator: Someone who tries to help other people come to an agreement.

Goderator: Someone with whom people automatically agree.

Ever had a post go inexplicably missing? Ever witnessed a thread suddenly curtailed? You have just been visited by The Goderator.

His name is Mean Brad Bokkean. He’s a latter-day Tom Horn. His territory is the wide-open plains of the Watchuseek Forum. He’s a delete button for hire. His job as Watchuseek Moderator is to keep the rustlers and the hustlers, the poachers and the encroachers far away from the pristine pages of the site's many watch forums, so that we can all sleep peacefully in our beds, knowing that we are not about to be parted from our money by a two-bit watch shark or affronted by a red headed stepchild.

He pounces on the profane and the inappropriate when they least expect it. A flamer or a cunning shill merchant can be cut off in mid-sentence with Mean Brad Bokkean’s unerring delete button. As the movie poster says, ‘see him before he sees you.’

“You flame my site and you will crash and burn.” says Brad, biting the head off a jelly baby.

It took Brad years of secret military training for him to reach the point where he is ready for the awesome responsibility of patrolling the lawless borders of the worlds’ leading watch forum website. Nowadays his finely-honed instincts enable him to sniff out trouble before it has a chance to catch fire. A well-known trouble spot is the Watches for Sale section, where, without Brad’s skilled surveillance techniques, a faux Hublot could be up for grabs before you can say ‘Jean-Claude Biver.’

Another favored ruse is to try and squeeze in some unwarranted editorial, beefing up the credentials of a new watch brand with self-penned praise, passing off as genuine pretend comments by a plethora of apparently pleased punters.

“My job is to sniff ‘em out and tear ‘em a new crown hole” growls Brad, his flinty eyes focused on a potential watch bandit.

When the tone of the forum becomes hostile or starts to move in the direction of childish personal attacks, that’s when the Goderator steps in and slaps a few bottoms. He has the discretion to put the discussion in lock down so as to prevent heated interchanges. Discussions he deems unworthy of further discussion or clean out of juice can have their thread unceremoniously terminated.  Conversely, topics he feels deserve further examination can be posted indefinitely by the Goderator, even if they garner no comments. The tone, the content, the behavior of the site and its audience is all down to the Man. Now you know.

The Goderator's Equipment and Uniform

The tee shirt

The watch

The automobile

The belt buckle

The mirrored shades

The Apache Attack Helicopter - for when all other avenues are exhausted