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Hirsch Pusher deployant butterfly, second thread, second round.

Today I almost lost my watch using this crap.
Recently I opened a thread to complain about the quality of this clasp.

To sum up:
1) Cheap execution for a 100USD clasp
2) Feels wobbly
3) Pushers are low quality and sometimes doesn't permit to easily unlock the clasp because they don't slip well
4) Lock mechanism is low quality and it's needed a lot of force to close the clasp
5) No way to loosen or tighten the strap on the fly, you need tools to do it and a partial dismantle of the clasp, with tiny parts all over and in a very unconvenient way (a really shame for a 100USD product)
6) The clasp is very very high once on the wrist, much higher than a normal diver's clasp bracelet
7) A 100USD clasp should come in a decent box with some instructions at least, specially if it's so unconvenient to size (you have done a video to explain the easy part, now you admitted that you will do a second video for the "unconvenient" part, as you see some instructions are needed specially for people who don't know your videos :) )

Now I need to add another cons to this crap.

Pushers are lean on your wrist, simply move you wrist and the pushers may be unlocked.
The clasp is so badly designed that sometimes it opens easily, someimes not.

It is not secure at all.
This is the second one I have, the first one was returned under RMA, the second one is the same crap.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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