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Re: Historically famous figures and their watches

Just neat, that's all. Please feel free to add others and enjoy!

John F. Kennedy's 18kt gold Rolex day/date, ca. 1962. The watch was given to him by Marilyn Monroe, with the case back inscription that reads, "JACK With love as always from MARILYN May 29th 1962":

Tempus - Many members have posted a tremendous amount of very helpful and reliable information on this site over many years. In consideration of their effort, which has imparted credibility and respectability to this site, I request you to consider whether there has ever been any provenance presented on the internet that would provide any credence to the statements purported by Bill Panagopulos to have been made by the 'English citizen' that auctioned the subject watch through the Bill Panagopulos fools' exploitation scam, the Alexander Auction House in Greenwich, Connecticut, in October 2005.

The serial number 1,296,419 unequivocally dates the production of the auctioned watch to late 1965. Any Rolex watch produced prior to 1964 would have a serial number less than 1,028,000. There exists on the internet a huge data base of serial number information to verify the above statement.

I have never considered that any credibility could be attached to auction claims regarding the purported Marilyn Monroe gift represented in the excerpt from your post when I previously read these in CBS news posts and on various blogs. No statement by anyone credible has ever been made to substantiate the fable presented in 2005 by the Alexander Auction House. In fact, the Alexander Auction House has never divulged the identity of the purported successful bidder.

I urge you to consider removing this portion of your post if you consider after 'googling' the keywords 'reznikoff' and 'monroe' and separately 'bill panagopulos' and 'suicide', that you might have inadvertently propagated slander-for-profit perpetrated by Panagopolus against two fellow American citizens now deceased. By participating intelligently, we can avoid causing this site to fall below the standards which attracted both you and me to it when we first discovered WUS.

Regards, Paul
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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