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It's British military...


The strap that collectors call "NATO" (not to be confused with the Rhino, Waterborne, or Maratec Zulu straps) is based upon the standard watch strap issued by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Called the "G10" by members of the British military because of the form used to requisition the strap (and other items) from inventory, the reason it got its "NATO" name is because the strap has a NSN or NATO Stock Number which identifies this type of strap. Incidentally, the actual military spec strap comes in only one color (Admiralty Grey) and one width (20mm). The hardware specs have not changed (chrome plated brass), though at least some of the straps currently issued have stainless steel fittings. And there are actually TWO NATO stock numbers for the straps: Army/Navy (6645-99-124-2986) and RAF (6645-99-527-7059). If you want to read the actual Defence Standards (or Def Stan), here they are:

Hope this helps,


It's always been a personal curiosity of mine where the NATO strap originated from? I would assume that it has its roots in military application, hence NATO.

I can't seem to find any sites with information specifically on the strap i.e. what its parameters are and how its design developed with the extra webbing that goes under the watch.

Would appreciate a point in the right direction as I've come up a little blank, and I hope this is not too trivial a question.

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