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A long-time lover of high-end watches, I've expected to never be able to build the collection that I want. I just started looking into homage watches, though, and picked up a used Davosa Ternos (submariner homage). This got me wondering... what other options may be out there for the watches in the styles that I love, at prices I'm willing to pay, without resorting to terrible and/or quart movements?

Is there a great reference somewhere for homages in general? I've found tons online for replicas, but much less for homages, outside of a few really common ones.

Here's my list - and if you've been going in this direction, I'd love to see what's on yours, too!

[EDIT] - I'll update this with what I find. I hope it's useful, and if I've missed something or something new is available, post a reply and I'll update it!

I'm defining "reasonable" price as sub-$500.

IWC Portuguese (preferably the 8-day power reserve)
- wanted this one for ages, and after a lot of searching it looks like there are a couple options that are too expensive (like the Hamilton Jazzmaster at which is close in terms of design but both >$1K and a chrono, or, as Stepper mentions, Poljot Journey which is also >$700 and has an extra subdial) or of questionable quality control (Parnis Power Reserve around $85) but precious little choice under between them except for tons of replicas.

IWC Big Pilot (I have seen lots of options for this one)
IWC Inginieur
JLC Reverso (black/white faces)
JLC Master Calendar (should be available somewhere with a Valjoux 7750?)
FP Journe Oct Calendrier
Lange & Sohne Daymatic or Grande Lange 1 (I have a "Davis" one similar, but the date doesn't flip over until 40!)
Breguet (not sure of the model - basic with their traditional blue hands and woven guilloche) - Frederique Constant 303 looks like a killer option, if only it came with blue hands!
Chronoswiss Delphis
Chronoswiss Regulateur
Panerai Luminor (another one that is actually easy to find a homage)
Vacheron Constantin Malte Grande Classique
Rolex day/date (should be easy to find something similar with white face and roman numerals)
Omega Speedmaster (lots of options for this as well)
Patek Philppe Calatrava Travel Time

Any advice?


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Hey there Daryl and welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately I don't think there exists a masterlist or database for this kind of thing.
I think your best bet is just to familiarize yourself with the different affordable brands that are out there.
As for your list, the only contributions I can make with my limited knowledge are for the first two:

IWC Portuguese = Poljot Journey
IWC Big Pilot - Stainhart Nav-B UHR

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In the very brief time I've spent lurking on this forum, I've found that the Panerai homage is a fairly easy find if you surf the bay! The panerai homage thread is full of great hints and tips and places to order such a piece. As far as a master list, let me know if you find one as I've been looking myself! I've dabbled with Parnis watches myself and had a great U-Boat Flightdeck homage prior to getting the real thing as well as a Submariner homage before getting the real deal and the Panerai Luminor as well before getting the real deal! You just gotta look around! Good luck!

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This is something I have given thought to and it would probably be very handy to have. " Hey I'm interested in an xyz but can't afford it, any suggestions?" is asked a lot. One thing that might help is that I noticed that Google shopping will bring up visually similar watches. It might be a good starting point. Also doing a Google image search might bring up some homages.
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