Bold, genuine, passionate, and bespoke are some of the words that pop into mind when Watchuseek visited with the Anpassa watchmaking team. This small independent Chinese outfit is the brainchild of Gary, a professional wedding photographer who took the concept of “making a memorable moment” to creative watchmaking.  Gary wears his heart on his sleeve and is passionate about capturing the memorable moment for his customer, no matter how small or big a request, and translating it to piece unique.

Anpassa takes the name from the Swedish word for "custom-made" and "adjusted" tactfully implying at the concept of the brand. This young brand launched in summer of 2014 with an ambitious idea of bespoke watches and even managed to launch its own designed caliber (cal 1517) within a span of 10 months.

Anpassa team is talented to make some of the most beautiful dials with artwork, precious metals and stones, objects, and customize cases, crown, and even straps.  While Gary does the design work, Frankie brings his experience in the jewelry industry for over two decades. He started his own business in 2007, specializing in jewelry design and production with his own workshop.

This concept is little slow to catch on in China as people still crave after brand name watches and jewelry.  It is refreshing to see creative watchmaking coming alive in China! Anpassa also offers several options to create your own personalized watch on their website .