Watchuseek visited with Adrien Choux, the managing director of The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK) boutique, nestled in the historical Stone Nullah lane, right next to the oldest building in Hong Kong and few steps away from one of the most beautiful temples in the region.

Adrien, a Frenchman, has an extensive experience in the watch industry.  He worked for Panerai prior to opening the CTK boutique. Adrien explained that his brand’s identity is an homage to Su Song’s revolutionary clock tower. Several distinctive elements of CTK’s timepieces have been designed with the work of Su Song in mind. The shape of the case has been engineered with respect to the central piece in Kaifeng’s clock tower: the Ancient Chinese Pagoda from which bystanders could hear and see the display of time.

The case is composed of four rings made of 316L stainless steel, which are held together by four structural screws through the bezel to the case back.  CTK buckle has a spherical shape which represents an armillary sphere consisting of a series of nestled rings, also called the Circles of the Heavens.  This unique shape looks like one of the Circle of the Heaven.

The most stunning CTK watch, and Adrien’s favorite, is the White Jade Automatic, which is core to the Chinese culture and features 11 beads of the white Burmese Jade that circle the black dial. The white offers a fantastic contrast and visibility on top of the black dial. This enhances CTK’s signature at 12 o’clock paying tribute to Su Song.  The watch is powered by a Hangzhou Watch Company movement and it retails for under $3k USD.

Adrien gave a brief peek on his future crowdsourcing project, where the focus will be exclusively on women’s colorful and feminine watches.  Exciting days are ahead…….