In a tremendous success story, Anicorn watches started as a Kickstarter project and successfully surpassed its goal by three times.. And today, founder and creative director, Joe Kwan, and co-founder, Chris Chan are making headway with unique lifestyle retailers around the world to reach people who appreciate both, watches and design, and grow the company organically.

Watchuseek caught up with Kwan and Chan about the history of Unicorn and why they chose to go the crowdsourcing route.

While Joe is an experienced graphic designer, this was his first foray into product designing.  Joe and Chris decided to use crowdsourcing for their idea of creating a watch with a philosophy of design, typeface, and mechanism.  Joe further explains that people do not pay close attention to typeface in the watch and ask what the typeface of the numbers is or who created it?  So, he wanted to design a watch where is focus is on the typeface, in this case it is a version of the sans serif font developed by Swiss type specialist Dinamo.

Next, the focus lay on mechanism.  Current generation is more used to smart watches and quartz watches, so Joe and Chris wanted to incorporate mechanical movement and execute it in a way that was more interesting to fit the contemporary design.  They used concentric three-disc reading system instead of traditional dial with hands.  Anicorn watches initially used primary Bauhaus colors – blue, red, yellow to keep things simple and powered the watch with Miyota automatic movement to keep the costs affordable, under $350 USD.

Ultimately, Joe and Chris want to establish Anicorn as a brand rather than a Kickstarter product.  Chris stated that products have a shelf life, but focusing on brand with the core philosophy leads to a more organic growth.  So, not only we should expect watch news from them this year, but also look for their philosophy in other daily objects.