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Brands created and used by jewellery stores, department stores, mail order companies or similar. Many thanks to those who contributed information. If you want to add a brand, simply reply to this post - I will then edit this original post to include the information and delete yours so that this stays as a single post rather than becoming a confusing thread. OK?

A & C
- Angus and Coote, Jewellers, Sydney Australia

Angus & Coote
- Angus and Coote, Jewellers, Sydney Australia

Bailey, Banks & Biddle - in Washington DC USA

Baylor - Zales jewellers, Texas USA.

Zale Corporation -- Company History

Benson, JW - jeweller, London, UK (note - originally a manufacturer)

Bigelow, Kennard & Co. - jeweler in Boston, USA (1830-1972)

Birks (Henry) & Sons - Jeweler, Canada

Boodles - Jewellers, Liverpool UK.

Bravingtons - Jewellers, specialising in watches for military men, UK

Bravington the Jewellers

Breguette, Paul- some dispute between a North American Ebel versus a house brand of Kay Jewelers of Pennsylvania, USA

Bucherer, Carl F. - Luzern, Switzerland


Burlington Watch Co - mail order Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Cartier - Paris, France

Delta - Saunders, jewellers, Australia.

Dunklings jewellers, Australia.

Everite - H. Samuel jewellers, United Kingdom.


Fairfax - Fairfax Jewelers, USA

Garrards - Jewellers UK - appointed official Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria

History of Garrard - pink fish media

J.Farren-Price - Jewellers, established 1942 in Sydney, Australia.

Kays of Worcester - Jewellers, then mail order, UK.

K, Worcester - as above.

Kays Heritage Group

La Forge - R. H. Macy department store. (Thanks nsmike)

Le Cheminant - Jewellers, UK, own Swiss factory

History of Le Cheminant Watches

LeGant - Montgomery Ward, USA

Lindex - Lindex - Clothing stores, Sweden.

Historia | Lindex

Lorie - was copyrighted in Canada by Sears, Toronto, Canada.

Lusserna- R. H. Macy department store most are marked R. H. Macy on the movement. (Thanks nsmike)

Mirexal - Migros department stores, Switzerland.

- Boans department stores, Perth Australia.

Orvin - Sears Roebuck USA, TM registered 1951.

Pencron - J C Penney, USA

Plymouth Watch Co - Sears Roebuck (USA & Canada)

Roebuck, A.C.& Co - Sears Roebuck (USA & Canada)

Rutina - the private brand of Norwegian jeweler Gull & Ur. See

Sears or R.W. Sears Watch Co - Sears Roebuck (USA & Canada) - originally R.W. Sears Watch Company

Solar - Eaton's department store , Canada.

Swiss Sentinel - Myers department store, Australia.

Tourneau - Manhattan, NY, USA

Tourneau | World's Largest Selection of Fine Watches

Towncraft - J C Penney, USA

Tradition - Sears Roebuck (USA & Canada) brand as of 1970s

Turler - Zurich, Switzerland based jewellers.

TUERLER - Welcome

Union Special - American Swiss jewellers, South Africa.

American Swiss - You Deserve It

Ward - Montgomery Ward, USA

Washington Watch Co - Montgomery Ward, USA

Winegarten's - Jeweller's, London, UK. Bought by Goldsmiths Group 1994.


Over 400 private label Elgin names:

A bit about very early Sears own label watches:

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Stellaris was a house brand of Sears. It seems to have been very active right in the transition period during which watches moved from mechanical to quartz. So you see a lot of electronic watches from this transition era, most of which don't works any more. But there are also a lot that use low-end Seiko movements as well. As with most Seikos, these tend to still be running. I pick up all sorts of cool Stellaris watches for very little money and use them as gifts to those new to mechanical watches.

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The reference above to the Swedish clothing store chain is probably incorrect.

In this thread, another user got a response from them that they had never been involved in the watch business:

However, I can add another brand, of which not much is known, other than that it was Swedish - Rubinstar. I met a descendant to the person behind Rubinstar watches, who provided this information. Previous thread here:

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