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How difficult would a movement exchange on a san martin captain willard be?

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This watch has an NH35 that is messing up out of warranty. I had it regulated, but this didn't fix my issue. I figure that by the time I get down to the cause of the issue with this movement, I will have spent much more than the cost of an entirely new NH35. I consider myself pretty handy, but I have never worked on a watch before. If it would be better to have a pro do it, about how much should I expect to pay? Thanks!
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Crazy simple if you are mildly mechanically inclined. The issue as stated above is having the right WIS tools - dial protector, hand pullers/hand setter, and case back tool

If you buy the movement it's what, $65 these days?

I could do the swap in 15 minutes flat, so give a watchmaker $100 all in.

You'd spend $35 on the tools and have them forever.

Verdict? Like LAT says above, be bold and go for it!
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