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How does Bell & Ross compare to Tag and Omega and the likes?

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I (thought) I decided on a Tag Carrera day/date but stumbled across a BR 126 Original (stunning watch!)

Now, I am back to the drawing board and also include BR into the short list.

My question, not knowing much about BR, how does BR compare to Tag's and Omegas and the like in terms of:

a) quality
b) future depreciation in case I want to upgrade/swatch watches
c) reputation as a luxury watch maker

Any thoughts are highly welcome.

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Just a point in question: Patek Philippe brand of watch, only goes up in value, exponentially, observed from all the research I've done, .. . . . so, if you can afford a second hand model in their range, . . it will not only be an investment, but will hold it's value too. (I wished I had bought one back in 2016/2017, as the model I was looking at, has increased in value between + £25k - £30k, . . . . . almost doubling in value!!😪
Retained values and delivering stellar returns are of course the Most Important Thing to the Watch Investor/Speculator - often abbreviated as "WIS". Don't buy watches you like the look of; that's what ordinary schmoes do! Key is to buy the market and participate in the upside and that means putting your cash into the right investments.
Wow, 10 1/2 years old……. That's Gotta be a record surely.
Many barn-find threads get bump-started by the value investor brigade, fresh in from the morningstar forums.
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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