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How does Bell & Ross compare to Tag and Omega and the likes?

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I (thought) I decided on a Tag Carrera day/date but stumbled across a BR 126 Original (stunning watch!)

Now, I am back to the drawing board and also include BR into the short list.

My question, not knowing much about BR, how does BR compare to Tag's and Omegas and the like in terms of:

a) quality
b) future depreciation in case I want to upgrade/swatch watches
c) reputation as a luxury watch maker

Any thoughts are highly welcome.

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Re: RolexTagOmega zzzzzzzzzz

Now for Tag, they have brought shame on watchmaking due to their dishonesty. They lied about investing in their brand and producing a new movement, when the truth was that they had taken an old Seiko movement and re-branded it as a Tag.
This issue has been discussed much in the Tag forum. The movement in question is not just a "rebranded old Saiko", but rather is based on on existing (and very highly-regarded) Seiko movement, meaning Tag paid a license for use of the design and patents, but is assembled completely by Tag (not purchased from Seiko) and is significantly modified.

Were they (Tag) completely honest with the description "in house"? No. Was it a massive fraud trying to dupe buyers into getting a "cheap Seiko" at a premium price? Again, no.

I don't own one of the specific Tag models in question, but they are gorgeous watches with what many (myself included) consider a very desirable movement that falls somewhere between a generic off-the-shelf movement like the Eta movements in many Tag, B&R and other brands, and a true in-house design. It is also priced accordingly, slightly higher than the generic movement it replaced, but far lower than most true in-house designs.

FWIW, I own several Tag Heuers, one Bell & Ross and a few other watches that I enjoy, but aren't particularly unique or noteworthy. All are of excellent quality and I enjoy choosing which one to wear on any given day.
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Re: My Omega Long Term Experience

My Omega Pie Pan Constellation (564 movement) was purchased by my wife in 1967.
It has never needed to be repaired. Never. Yes, I have it cleaned and adjusted roughly every 5 years.
Since its last adjustment some 6 months ago, it has been keeping time within COSC tolerances.
I could not expect any better performance and reliability from any mechanical watch.
Truly a beautiful classic watch that has stood the test of time.
My father bought my Pie Pan in 1956. I last had it serviced in 1998 and know it should go back for adjustment and cleaning, but it only gains 3 seconds per day so I haven't bothered lately. It is definitely my "best" watch, but I only wear it on special occasions due to its sentimental value.
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