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How does Bell & Ross compare to Tag and Omega and the likes?

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I (thought) I decided on a Tag Carrera day/date but stumbled across a BR 126 Original (stunning watch!)

Now, I am back to the drawing board and also include BR into the short list.

My question, not knowing much about BR, how does BR compare to Tag's and Omegas and the like in terms of:

a) quality
b) future depreciation in case I want to upgrade/swatch watches
c) reputation as a luxury watch maker

Any thoughts are highly welcome.

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I think Bell & Ross is much better than Tag. Tag is purely a fashion watch. Bell & Ross is a new company, but they give a lot of deference and attention to the classic designs of the past with the intent of establishing themselves as a major serious player in the watch industry. I view Tag as a more expensive Swatch or Swiss army watch. Just my opinion, but an opinion shared by many others. Omega is a classic, Id say a step down from Rolex because there is a bit of "fashion watch" in the brand - possibly because they offer so many quartz models. They have many models that rival Rolex and many that compete with a coach quartz. Go with the Bell & Ross and enjoy it.
I agree with you and Klesk's response above.

I own a number of Rolex, Omega, IWC, and Heuer (pre-TAG) watches and they range from 1950s to 2012 versions. Recently I bought my first Bell & Ross - a BR02 chrono, which is sensational and every bit as well made as all the other watches I own (and I would even include Rolex in that). It is simple a beautifully made watch.

So, since then I have bought Bell & Ross BR01 versions which I am equally thrilled with.

For any premium brand watch my experience is that not having their own in-house is not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases it is a positive thing because where it is something like an ETA well proven movement it can be extremely reliable, well proven, accurate and easily serviced. Omega and Breitling have had a number of models that have not used in-house movements. Some brands like Panerai claim to use in-house movements, but have some models where the so-called in-house movement is a worked up off-the-shelf movement that they dod not fully design themselves. So the question here is what really defines an in-house movement?

The EAT movement in my BR02-94 is accurate to 2 seconds per day - excellent.

IMHO Bell & Ross's attention to detail of build quality is equal to any other luxury brand. Personally, I think many of the disparaging comments around the traps are made by people who do not own them - so how much can they really know?

So, I suggest that you make you decision my deciding "do I love this watch"? If you do, then certainly check out its build quality and movement reputation and decide from there. Do not let brand itself cloud your decision.

Enjoy the BR02!!!
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