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How does Bell & Ross compare to Tag and Omega and the likes?

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I (thought) I decided on a Tag Carrera day/date but stumbled across a BR 126 Original (stunning watch!)

Now, I am back to the drawing board and also include BR into the short list.

My question, not knowing much about BR, how does BR compare to Tag's and Omegas and the like in terms of:

a) quality
b) future depreciation in case I want to upgrade/swatch watches
c) reputation as a luxury watch maker

Any thoughts are highly welcome.

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As an owner of several Omegas, Breitlings, TAGs (in the past) and a BR02 I'd like to add my opinion to this topic.

For me, the biggest difference between the mentioned brands is that BR currently defines itself through its design - which it does extremely well and sucessfully. BR made the square design of the BR01 its trademark. Also the other lines (WW, BR02) are stand-alone concepts that have not been copied from elsewhere. With it's massive financial success, I believe that BR will also launch technical innovations (modified or someday even their own movements) in the near future.

TAG Heuer, Omega, Breitling (and others in the same price-range) are on the market for a longer time and (of course) had more time to develop innovations, more time to get into peoples heads through (partly aggressive) marketing, which can be seen as an advantage or not. If you want your watch being recognized by the average fellow on the street then Breitling, TAG and Omega beat BR by far. In the end, it depends on what you want and what you feel comfortable with.

I try not to take the rankings you see every now and then too seriously. The people that put those lists together have their own preferences and perceptions. My approach is to get as much knowlegde about the things/brands/models that interest me and create my own top lists based on the facts that are important to me.

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