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How does Bell & Ross compare to Tag and Omega and the likes?

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I (thought) I decided on a Tag Carrera day/date but stumbled across a BR 126 Original (stunning watch!)

Now, I am back to the drawing board and also include BR into the short list.

My question, not knowing much about BR, how does BR compare to Tag's and Omegas and the like in terms of:

a) quality
b) future depreciation in case I want to upgrade/swatch watches
c) reputation as a luxury watch maker

Any thoughts are highly welcome.

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Re: RolexTagOmega zzzzzzzzzz

Which brand is best is a question of opinions. Personally, I believe that omega is the "best" of the three brands mentioned, but I only say that based on the current co-axial movement offerings. Omega has put millions of dollars into developing movements and re-establishing themselves as a brand under the swatch group. On the other hand Bell & Ross has not invested in their brand to the same extent that Omega has, meaning they are only producing watches with generic ETA movement (that doesn't mean the watches are bad, it just means that a Bell & Ross is "just for looks" because the mechanism is essentially the same as most other "Swiss Made" watches out there). Now for Tag, they have brought shame on watchmaking due to their dishonesty. They lied about investing in their brand and producing a new movement, when the truth was that they had taken an old Seiko movement and re-branded it as a Tag.

All that being said, I would never buy a Tag, I would love to purchase an Omega Co-axial chronograph, and I own two Bell & Ross' (I bought them because I like the way they look, not for the movement).

All are of good quality and workmanship, but your choice should always come down to what brings you the most joy to own.

FYI, the Bell & Ross watches I own are the Dimineur and the Space 3 GMT (I have never been to space or disarmed a bomb, but I like the watches)
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Re: RolexTagOmega zzzzzzzzzz

The Tag and Omega watches that are sold in COSTCO are "un-authorized", they are purchased by COSTCO in countries where they can buy them in bulk for a discount and then imported into the usa and marked up slightly. The companies do not recognize these watches as authorized because COSTCO is not an authorized reseller. Recently, Swatch Group (Owner of Omega) sued COSTCO for the resale of their products on the grounds that it damages their brand. It went to the supreme court and Swatch group won, but I am sure COSTCO will attempt an appeal. I for one think that the judgement in Swatch Group's favor violates free trade, but I'm no lawyer.
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