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How durable is my stopwatch function?

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I have a newish Speedmaster Date 3210.50, and I am wondering how much I can actually use the stopwatch function in my job, vs. just wearing it for show...

I actually do quite a bit of timing things, since as a School Psychologist one of the main things I do is assess intelligence by timing kids while they work on various cognitive tasks. I love the idea of using my watch because it's less conspicuous than holding an actual stopwatch, and less likely to make the kids nervous.

On the other hand, I need to use my stopwatch A LOT. I probably start and stop timing things 50 times a day, and each time it's a hard click for *start* *stop* *reset*. That's lots of clicks. I can't help but think I'm wearing out the tiny little metal innards of my fancy watch.

I know you guys on here love to rave about how robust these watches are, but the bottom line is that I don't want to have to pay an extra $500 to repair my watch if after a few years it decides it can't take this kind of use day in and day out --I have plenty of throw-away stopwatches I could use instead that wouldn't cost me anything to break.

So what's the verdict? Is my Omega capable of performing hundreds of thousands of *start* *stop* *reset* cycles with no problem? or should I give up now on using this thing for an actual purpose?
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Like any other mechanical things, your watch will wear out and daily stopwatch use will help speeding this process. That's why people often dream of having two cars, one for daily drive and other one for weekend/vacation purpose.
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